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Sunday, October 08, 2006


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Well, it has been for a few weeks anyway. We lucked out and only Nip/Tuck started while we were gone. After watching it, I have decided that the plotlines on that show are decided after some shrooms, a few bottles of vodka, and a spinning wheel. "No, we already did the drug/boob smuggling thing. No, we did the slasher thing. No, no, we also did the transsexual thing. A few times, actually. No, Matt's already killed people. C'mon, people, keep up! No, we already did the Hermaphrodite thing. Wait, what was that? Yes. YES!!! Flipper Baby it is! You get a raise!"

Anyway! Not the point. The point is new TV!

Sunday! Dexter. CSI by day, serial killer (criminals only) by night. SWEET show. Highly recommended.

Monday! Heroes! My fave new show of the season. A lot happens each week so even if I could guess where it's all going, they have the opportunity to take it to ever growing levels. The website has some cool comic-book side stories as well, which also will feature into later episodes. Also on Monday is Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I really wanted this to be my favorite show of the season, but after 3 episodes, it seems to be the same thing each week and apparently the ratings on it drop by the millions every half hour it's on, so I sense impending doom.

Tuesday brings nothing new, but Veronica Mars is back and that's a good thing! She starts using the word 'FRAK'!! Tuesday also had Smith, but while very cool, it just got canceled, so I deleted them all before watching them so I wouldn't feel bad.

Wednesday! I was digging Kidnapped, but that just got canceled as well (although they have 13 episodes to wrap it up) and Jericho is pretty sweet. It does a great job with the small town vibe as they try and unite against the face of nuclear armageddon across the U.S. The cast does a great job, even though a lot of them haven't had a lot of recent successes (exception: Gerald McRainey of Deadwood). Lost premiered last week as well and it was DAMN GOOD. I might have to bring back my mAc's Lost recaps each week, because it really WAS that good. I TiVo'd The Nine, but haven't had a chance to watch it yet.

Thursday! Grey's Anatomy is back. I didn't watch this show until the 1st season came out on DVD (about a week or 2 after the bomb episode), and by the time we finished it (in 2 days) we were like junkies waiting for the next season to come out. Plowed through season 2 this summer and watched the first season again and half the 2nd season AGAIN before this season started. So while it's not new, it's the first time I'm watching it live, per se. In front of it is Ugly Betty, which is pretty damn entertaining. It's like Devil Wears Prada, but it's a remake of a Spanish show which came out before the book/movie, so it's not a ripoff. It's a pretty entertaining show. Especially Betty's 11-year old gay nephew.

Friday! Frak new shows! Galactica, baby! GALACTICA!!!!! Face-rocking glory! Behold it! Love it. Be it.


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