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Sunday, October 08, 2006


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DAMN! Yeah, yeah, OK, it's been SIX weeks since I last posted a damn thing, but hey, I've been busy. REALLY busy. And, um, jetlagged. Right, right, I'm jetlagged. Having a hard time sleeping and all that. Yeah. Right.

Australia was amazing on EVERY level. (Dinah's posted a full recap here) I finally got to see some of my best friends again! (i accidentally typed in 'brest' friends first, but since they are all girls, i guess that makes sense. go freud!) Anyway, it was just the best time ever. I drank VB a-go-go and stuffed many a meat pie in my face. Tons and tons. But not enough, as I just put an order in to my mom, who's driving to Seattle next week, to get me more from the Australian Meat Pie Company up there. They are as good as a street shop in Oz, so that's good.

It's amazing how you can see people after nine years have passed and nothing has changed. After some rapid-fire catching up, it's as if you saw them last week. The Mahers are as lovely as ever and doing well in Adelaide and Melbourne, Ange is thriving, running her own PR company as well as a wonderful charity in honor of her mother and sister, and meeting Clare's James was fantastic and the four of us had some ridiculous fun. Champagne! It was weeks of good times. I think the only bad thing was the thing with the wine. What do I look like, a smuggler?

Oz montage 1.jpg

Anyway! We hit the zoos (see Potter-esque photo above), I got tattoo #10 (10? or 11. no, 10. 9 was just really big) and we spent a day at the wineries in Adelaide. Which was GREAT! Until I ended up in the stocks for helping myself to a cask. Anyway, oh! the smuggling thing. We bought 22 bottles of wine and thought we could ship them home. We can't do that. Legally, anyway. So after a lot of hassles and with Sarah's help we ended up shipping them to Melbourne and carrying them home with us on the plane. (YES, on the plane. YES, I know it's liquid. They were checked. You just can't carry it into the cabin.) Anyway, customs saw us when we came in with the boxes, groaned, told us to lie and hide it or ship it home with clothes next time and sent us on our way because it would have been too much paperwork for him. So all the worrying was for nothing.

The end! Of course a lot more happened than that, but my biographer got the rest of the details.

Until next time, CHAMPAGNE!!



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