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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Spring Break 2007!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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Mexico here we come! Those Spring-Break-teen-luring geniuses are minutes away from signing the best bill ever into law! Here's a snippet:

"The bill says criminal charges will no longer be brought for possession of up to 25 milligrams of heroin, 5 grams of marijuana (about one-fifth of an ounce, or about four joints), or 0.5 grams of cocaine -- the equivalent of about 4 "lines," or half the standard street-sale quantity (though half-size packages are becoming more common). The bill also lays out allowable quantities for an array of other drugs, including LSD, ecstasy and amphetamines."

Boy, Spring Break is going to be the BEST EVER next year. EVER. I am so watching Spring Break on MTV. Forget body shots, man, there's gonna be people doing lines of coke off the asses of 18 year old girls. Who are completely wasted on smack. I might need a 4th TiVo to get all the coverage.

Or maybe we could just go! Anyone else in?


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