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Friday, April 28, 2006


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So last Monday one of my many DVD packages went missing from my company's front desk. It was assumed that it simply was misplaced and a search took place to find it, but to no avail. Then our receptionist recommended looking at video footage to see who might have moved it. So I sat down and watched weekend tapes to see where it went. Lo and behold at 9:30 Sunday night, a figure opens the front door, walks right up to the front desk and takes it. Busted. I call in HR, show them the tape and the next day there's an envelope of DVDs on my chair. Not the envelope they came in AND, AND, AND all the DVDs had been opened. Deliberate theft.

Here's where the writing black ball of hate-snakes (see: System of a Down Syndrome and multiply by 100) burn from my stomach out of my face. Back to HR! "Thanks for helping out, I DID get my stuff back. But it was in fact stolen and not 'accidentally' taken. And clearly I am upset." More or less.

Anyway, long story short DO NOT TAKE MY SHIT. I don't care WHAT IT IS. DON'T FUCKING TAKE IT. Not the hat off my head, not my fries, and never, ever take my DVDs. I'm not a stingy person, either. If you know me, you know I am fairly free-flowing with the stuff I give away. I like giving people things. Just don't TAKE it. (well, you can take it when I give it to you. there doesn't need to be an awkward moment where you want to take it but know that you if do I'll go crazy and attack you or something. no, really. go ahead and take it.)

The funny thing is that while my company is kind of big (150 employees or so) word spreads FAST. Every knows that my package went missing, that I went through security tapes and got the contents back. Whether they know the name of the thief or not remains to be seen, but damn, the message was clear. DO. NOT. TAKE. MAC'S. SHIT.


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