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Friday, April 28, 2006

Mr Robert Zombie

Mr Robert Zombie
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I love Rob Zombie. He puts on great shows and he's just a funny guy obsessed with horror flicks. Plus there's always the awesome porn and gore that plays on screens in the back. And the giant robots with laser eyes. Maybe some go-go dancers. Anyway, saw the show the other night and realized 2 things.

1. People at Rob Zombie shows are TALL. Maybe it's the big boots and heels some of the more colorful fans are wearing or maybe it's just a freak occurence, but I'm 6 feet tall and *I* couldn't see.

2. Either Rob Zombie's fans have aged a lot since we first saw White Zombie on Beavis & Butthead or LA crowds are just mellow. I don't even think there was a mosh pit, much less a lot of waving arms and devil hands.

But as I thought about it, it seems that as an older concert goer myself, I'm more concerned with other things. Greg Behrendt said it best. "I have a J-O-B, people. I need a show that lasts for ONE hour. Play the hits, a few new songs and the one from the movie so I'm home in time for Alias."

The funny thing is that Rob played EXACTLY one hour. Played the hits, a few new songs, the theme from House of a 1000 Corpses, 2 minute break, 3 hit encore, done. It was awesome. Well played, sir, well played.


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