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Saturday, September 01, 2007

My Death Sentence

death sentence, originally uploaded by macslost.

I love schlocky revenge flicks and this one looks like a WINNER. Me & Allistair are gonna hit a showing tonight and I decided to check out Rotten Tomatoes for some choice quotes first:

"Fails to provide any sort of genuine social context for its violence."

"Awesomely bad."

"Death Sentence takes the pulp revenge thriller to the edge. And then falls off."

"It's got style to burn and is more gruesome that any schlock-horror gorefest."

"...ultimately undone by a ridiculous final half hour in which Bacon turns into the Terminator."

Terminator? Hey, at least he isn't playing a flaming hairstylist or a child molester/murderer for a change.

I can't WAIT. Hopefully Allistair won't read this first, though.


Blogger Vitamin Black said...

Dramatic scenes? Terrible. Violent scenes? Fucking brutal. That guy total got his leg shot off!

3:09 PM


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