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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Can't, Won't, Don't Stop...

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Gotta keep movin'!

August and July have gone by in a vicious blur. We've been glued to laptops for up to 80 hours a week, cutting, pasting, e-mailing over and over and over again, just keeping up with a busy workload.

We were too busy to do any sort of business development like building our website, getting company materials made, creating a budget, dealing with expenses & taxes & invoicing and all that good stuff. We just ran and ran and ran.

Here's the weird thing. We haven't asked anyone for new business and yet we've secured 2 side projects, are on the verge of signing a new client, have a lunch set up with another and 2 others that just need a follow up call.

Apparently "Yeah, I have my own company, we specialize in online PR" is some sort of freakish roofie for entertainment industry folks.

Crazy. And here all I wanted to do was work at home. I'm gonna get forced into an office at this rate, dammit. We gotta start hiring soon, too.

HIRING. That's just nuts.

OK, I gotta run.


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