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Thursday, May 11, 2006

SPEAKING of books...

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I am spending my summer doing NOTHING. Well, reading. Maybe catching up on DVDs and a few summer TV shows. Blade starts in June. Yeah, I'm watching it, what of it? Anyway, books. Here's the stack I piled up. It doesn't include a few, uh, sequels? Are books in a series called sequels? I don't read enough to know. I'm missing a few sequels in there. If I like the first one. So I have stuff from Stephen King's Dark Tower finale to Palahniuk and Ellis' new ones to classics like Geek Love and the Chronicles of Narnia. I deliberately got a WIDE spread of books of all genres and difficulty levels so I would always have something I was in the mood to read. Which is how I roll. THAT is why I have such a HUGE DVD collection. I always have what I want at that exact time. Oh, and I'm an obsessive compulsive collector.

Here's a peek at where I'll be reading...

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