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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Closure Island (mAc's LOST Week 17)

Before I get into this week's recap, I have two things I need to bring up. One: I am going to need to retitle this again as "Closure Island". Explaination forthcoming. Second. NO NEW EPISODES UNTIL MID APRIL!!!! Sadistic Nazi Bastards. Unacceptable. OK, this week! Hurley's backstory! Finally! OK, so it turns out that Hurley uses some numbers that a crazy guy at the mental ward we works at to win the lottery! And now he's cursed. House burns down, family breaks bones, gramps dies, life goes crazy. But the more bad things happen, the more money he makes! And apparently owns a nice BOX COMPANY (ahem, will Locke appear in the next flashback?). So he hunts down the origin of this "cursed" number sequence, which brings him to Australia. All Hurley wants is for someone to agree with him that the numbers are cursed, really, but everyone blows him off and explains away all of the random occurences. When he explains it to Charlie, even he tells him it's nonsense (and if you can't trust a junkie, who can you trust?) That all changes when Hurley sees the same number sequence on Crazy French Lady's papers that Sayid has. Adventure abounds! Hurley, Jack, Charlie and Sayid run off through the woods to find CFL. Of course they are going to ask her for a battery for Michaels stupid boat trip (I wonder if Cuba Gooding will show up for that?) but no one cares about that. What about the damn numbers? Hurley finally gets to talk to her after lots of shooting, running and exploding takes place. And what does he get from her? Closure. She thinks the numbers are cursed as well, as they were what led her boat to wreck on the island. And for that? She gets a hug! And now Hurley is happy. This was the point at which all of the other flachbacks now make more sense. Jack/Dad, Sawyer/Murder, Michael/Abandoned Son, Sayid/Torture, Kate/Murder, Charlie/Junkie, Claire/Motherhood, Locke/Survivalist. It's all coming together now. Is this really Purgatory? And once you find closure, do you have to wait for EVERYONE to find it before you get to leave? If so, we best either start introducing a few more of the floating 40 or kill a few more off. And where's my monster??? Get LOST. Also, get yourself an ALIAS.


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