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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Damn! It seems like this was weeks ago!! Well, technically it WAS 'weeks' ago. You only need 2 to be plural, right?

Xmas 1.jpg

Anyway, we got a pretty fluffy-snow white Christmas in Denver this year, but everything seemed really rushed. We had a Christmas in Santa Barbara, another at our place, we didn't exchange our gifts until the Saturday after and I think there was another one in there somewhere. AAAAAANYWAY.

There was much swag to be had this year, but in 2 very distinct assortments. Last year I got a wide variety of things, this year could be boiled down into books and knick-knacks, with a few random items outside of them, namely some slip-on chucks (lately tying my shoes has become something of a pet peeve; I've turned into a petulant child and it's too cold for flip-flops) and some quality drinking glasses (no, not sippy-cups, some of those kick-ass square buckets for real drinking.) Speaking of drinking, I totally forgot! Add a 3rd category of gifts! I got a bottle of Glenlivet, Corzo tequila Anejo, Puerto Vallarta tequila, Don Julio tequila AND a bottle of Patron Silver. Anyone up for a Tequila party? This ain't no Margarita stuff, either! Top-shelf! (and as I type this I am drinking the Livet straight out of a glass. Baby's all growsed up)

On the book front, I scored a variety of cool things like Force in the Flesh, which, while it sounds like a How-To rape guide, is actually a coffee-table book of crazy-ass Star Wars tattoos. Some really intricate stuff. I also got the Star Wars pop-up book, which is truly something to behold. It has full-page pop-up of the Rancor eating a Gamorrean Guard while lovingly ignoring the prequels. I also got a guide to the history of Tintin, which I read as a small German child, long before I got my hands on things like the X-Men and Spider-Man. All cool stuff.

Once of the prizes of the day was a special plastic package ripper-opener, which, ironically, came inside of a hard-to-open plastic container.

Xmas 2.jpg

All in all, Christmas was nice, even though we didn't get to enjoy it to the fullest with all the mad-dash rushing around all over the place. Then again, there's a hell of a lot less to clean up.

But now it's over and gone and we have all of 2008 to look forward to.


Blogger Vitamin Black said...

Oh yeah. I got a gift for you. I'll get it to your around March or so. Ha!

11:53 AM


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