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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


December 10th?! That was my last post? WTF happened to me?

To be perfectly honest, I can't remember. It was a hasty blur of hurry up & shop, hurry up and wrap things up, hurry up and travel, hurry up and relax, hurry up and cram some more relaxing in, etc. Binge-relaxing, basically. How many DVDs, video games and comics can I cram down my gullet before I have to get back into the swing of things?

Ugh! Well that's not cool! I will make some updates to Mr. Blog tonight. I'll make a list of THEENGS.

Including my "Things I want to see in 2008" list. And maybe a 2007 "Worst of" list. Or more specifically, "Biggest Disappointments on 2007." Nah, it wasn't that much of a disappointing year. Sadly, I didn't do much for 6 months except work, so I haven't had all that much to write about. Nice thing is all the movies I missed are coming out on DVD right now.

So...a list! I shall make a list....somewhere...


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