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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Shoot 'Em All, Question Nothing

329679simpsons-homer-gun[1].gif, originally uploaded by macslost.

Seeing as how our weeks (and most of my weekend) get mauled by our current workload, Sunday's are the best chance to catching movies. I've been able to pass on most lately, as August is a bit of a suck month (minus the awesome Superbad!) but today I had no choice but to do a double feature.

We started the morning with some coffee and chocolate croissants and watched SHOOT 'EM UP with Clive Owen. This movie was basically a live action version of the Simpsons episode where Homer buys a gun. Bullets, bodies and carrots ran rampant with some of the most awesome cartoon action-violence I have ever seen. It was spectacularly insane and I pretty much cheered and bounced around in my seat for the whole 80 minutes. Seeing as how the first gun battle is about 2 1/2 minutes in, it's a damn good time. The only thing Clive didn't do with a gun is shoot the TV to change the channel.

After that, we caught 3:10 TO YUMA, which is being hailed as the best Western since Unforgiven. I'm not sure how I take that, because they seem to be forgetting Tombstone (I'm a sucker for revenge flicks, though, like Open Range). And Quick & The Dead was pretty awesome. But yeah, most of the Westerns in the past decade were crap (anyone else see American Outlaws or Texas Rangers?). Christian Bale, Russell Crowe, Ben Foster and Peter Fonda pretty much rock this one straight through. I'm very pleased to see Crowe back in mix again. He & Bale definitely need to do another flick together.


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