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Monday, May 29, 2006

X-Men: The Last Stand musings

X-Men: The Last Stand musings
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Juggernaut SMASH!!!

The two best action scenes in X3 could easily have been Juggernaut vs. Wolverine and Juggernaut vs. Kitty Pryde. Storm finally gets to kick a little ass. Dark Phoenix is scary looking. Multiple Man has a perfect little cameo. I felt sorry for Mystique. Sort of. Magneto crushing cars is cool! Kitty Pryde's fighting techniques were pretty sweet. Iceman finally ices up. Colossus chucks Wolverine twice in the patented 'Fastball Special'. Hank says "Oh my stars and garters." Angel's introduction as a child.

And those right there were what made the movie damn entertaining and worth seeing again, definitely. Though it seems like this would have been much better to watch back-to-back with X2 with no break in between.

Here's what makes you groan:

The dialogue. All of it except Kitty calling Juggernaut a dickhead. Cyclops. Superman-curl tranny in fishnets. Calisto, Porcubitch and the other useless Magneto fodder. (Seriously, there are thousands of mutants in the comics and he has to make up people. Why?!) The lack of any police or military interaction except at the base and in the woods. Angel (what you see in the trailer is pretty much all there is, minus the wicked scene at the beginning). The pacing. Mmm, that's about it, but the flaws run through the whole movie. The only scene that will make you jaw drop for it's entirety is the battle in Jean Grey's home. THAT was wicked.

All in all, though, it's worth seeing. It also cleaned UP at the box office ($107 mil in 3 days) and the only action-competition it has between now and June 30, when Superman cleans it's clock, is Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Bitch. Er, Drift. (which I am definitely watching on DVD.)


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