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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


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Do you think Richard Hatch will run around naked in prison? (though from this photo, he's already comfy in prison PJs)

I think it is 100% completely hilarious that he's thrown in jail for lying. As the prosecutor, I would have just walked up to the judge and said, "I'd like to submit SURVIVOR: Season One into evidence as Exhibit A. I rest my case."

Anyway, the ODD thing is that he was sentenced to 51 months in jail and COINCIDENTALLY, it's estimated that 51 million people watched the finale where he got his check. (and people say there's no Karma).

But here's where I am emotionally conflicted. Do I really want Reality TV to get higher ratings so the people I hate get bigger smack-downs by Karma?

Um, yes. OK! Works for me. Besides, my theory is this:

Reality TV is stupid

Reality TV makes people who watch it stupid. (though moderation can help. it's like booze)

The more stupid people, the easier MY life gets because I can be smart without actually having to try. Or learn. Which is great. Because I am, in fact, rather lazy. (OCB aside)

Plus there's my theory that since reality TV is so inexpensive, studios have bigger budgets for better talent and writing. (notice how many movie stars, directors and writers from the nineties are all on TV now?)

The sad thing is, you KNOW Dick's jail time is just going to become ANOTHER Reality TV show. I just hope it's more like 'Cops' Meets 'Oz'. Of course, then I'd have to watch. It's a vicious cycle with a slippery slope. Whatever that means, but you catch my drift.

Just know that in the end, Reality TV will get us all. One by One.


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