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Monday, May 29, 2006

FALL TV announces!

FALL TV announces!
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Damn, it's a good thing I have 3 Tivos!!!

It's gonna be a busy fall! And this is just the major networks! Here's the schedule with links to the show descriptions.

SUNDAYS (really cleared out!)
7 Everyone Hates Chris (CW)
9 Cold Case (CBS)
10 Brothers & Sisters (ABC)

8 Prison Break (FOX)
9 Heroes (NBC)
9 24 (FOX - January)
9 Runaway (CW)
10 CSI: Miami (CBS)
10 Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC)
10 What About Brian (ABC)

8 Gilmore Girls (CW)
9 Veronica Mars (CW)
9 House (Fox)
9 Let's Rob... (ABC)
10 Smith (CBS)
10 Boston Legal (ABC)

8 Jericho (CBS)
8:30 30 Rock (NBC)
9 Lost (ABC)
10 The Nine (ABC)
10 Kidnapped (NBC)

THURSDAYS (bust with the Tivos!)
8 My Name is Earl (NBC)
8:30 The Office (NBC)
8 Smallville (CW)
9 Grey's Anatomy (ABC)
9 The OC (Fox)
9 Supernatural (CW)
10 Six Degrees (ABC)

Everyone knows that no good TV is on the majors these nights. SNL will be back at some point on Saturday nights.

Also, I listed NO new sitcoms. There might be some good ones in there, but I doubt it. Most of them star people like John Lithgow and Ted Danson and Brad Garrett.


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