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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Me and George

Mac and George
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See kids? Drinking and smoking can keep you alive FOREVER!!! Apparently news of his death was slightly exaggerated. JUST KIDDING! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Due to Amanda's awesome idea (and love of field trips) a group of us hit the final weekend of Movieland in Buena Park (BFE). Wax museums are awesome. Always. All the exhibits have these great light rays like the 7-11 door that ding if someone tries to cross it. Though honestly, I think anyone could grab something out of a display pretty easily. Though what you would want with Robin Williams in his tux from the "What Dreams May Come" premiere, I do not know. However, Billy Ray "Mullet-boy" Cyrus had some kickin' 'Back to The Future' high tops on. Surprisingly, it took us over 2 hours to get through the museum. It would have been quicker but we had to escape the dude that was turning people into wax figures. (probably a House of Wax DVD stunt). Afterwards, we grubbed down at Claimjumpers (which always rules. I could kill for their chicken tortilla soup), where the waitress told us that the Po'Folk's restaurant by Movieland was actually a pretty good place to eat, if it weren't for the "Knott's Berry Farm People" that eat there. Dirt People indeed.


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