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Sunday, October 02, 2005

What's your super-power?

What's your super-power?
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It's a conversation everyone's had. "If you could have a super-power, what would it be?" Most people choose flight. Some choose mind-reading or x-ray vision. Maybe super-strength. But really. How useful would these powers be? Flight? Great, now you can get places faster. Sucks for you that you now have to carry all your crap in your arms everywhere you go. That'll get real old. Especially since you aren't any stronger now, so it's not like you can carry a 150-pound person with you so you gotta go everywhere by yourself. Wee. Not great for rain or nighttime, either. X-Ray Vision? Yes, now you too can know what secret things lie behind...what? What did you need to see into? Mind-reading? You're kidding, right? You know how you get sick of other people crap/baggage? Imagine if you had to listen to all the things they WON'T say outloud. Super-strength is great if you're a mover. Beyond that, it's not like you were going to become a crime-fighter or anything. See, my favorite power is that of relatively unknown X-Man 'Madrox The Multiple Man'. His power? He can make unlimited multiples of himself and then reabsorb them again and learn everything they did while "out". Don't feel like going to work today? Send a clone. Wanna learn how to cook, but don't wanna learn? Send a clone. Paint the house? Clone. Got 2 birthday parties and a concert on the same night? Clone, clone. See, once you reabsorb them, your memory of the event is as if you went anyway and it's YOU, so it did anything you would have done. So you can do ANYTHING. The applications are limitless. So, being my favorite super-hero in general, his tech design is actually tattooed on my calf, which most pople don't know and never will unless they read this. And he kind looks like me, was actually created a few months after I was born and there's the fact that people seem to see clones of me around all the time, so it's possible that I am one anyway. The point to all this is that I just geeked out when I read THIS. Woo-Hoo! Madrox will be in X3 with Magneto! (oddly enough, in alternate tellings of the X-Men universe, Madrox tends to be a bad guy, which I don't quite get). So now I'm psyched and can't wait to see 200 of him running around.


Blogger Dinah said...

Holy crap, he DOES look like you. No wonder he's so hot. Rar.

12:57 PM

Blogger Alf said...

Why would I want a super power when I can posess a ring that creates hard-light images?

1:09 PM

Anonymous Amanda said...

How about a lasso that makes you tell the truth?

1:52 PM

Anonymous Jeff said...

I've always wanted the "summon screwdriver" superpower. I suppose that ability could be universally useful to bring not only the appropriate fastener loosener to your hand but also a drink at a party - if necessary.

10:56 AM


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