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Saturday, August 06, 2005

I want an EVIL monkey...

I want an evil monkey...
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Dane Cook is one of the funniest bastards on the planet. His comedy CDs never get old. I can't even be funny now because I keep hearing all of his jokes in my head and I'm just not that funny. ANYWAY, his new comedy CD, "Retalliation" just ROCKED the Billboard charts:

"Not since the classic Steve Martin album 'A Wild and Crazy Guy' reached No. 2 in 1979 has The Billboard 200 seen a comedy disc break the top 5. That all changes this week as Dane Cook's "Retaliation" bows at No. 4 to become the highest-charting comedy effort in 26 years. The position and first week sales of 86,000 copies are especially impressive feats for Cook, whose first set, "Harmful if Swallowed," never made it to the big chart and sold just 3,000 copies in its debut week in 2003; it has moved 300,000 to date."

So do yourself a favor, buy yourself a present, treat yourself, whatever, but buy it NOW, yo.


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