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Monday, August 01, 2005

I Heart Superheroes

I Heart Superheroes
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Even their fancy-lad sidekicks (pictured right). ANYWAY in a time where Spider-Man, X-Men, Batman and Superman are doing gangbusters in the theaters, we aren't JUST limited to the mainstream super-villain bash 'em ups! In the past, good-ol-fashioned straight-up comedies like MYSTERY MEN and THE SPECIALS have featured super-lame super-heroes just trying to get by and doing so super-poorly. Just recently released was SKY HIGH (with the best cast EVER: Kurt Russell, Bruce Campbell, Lynda Carter, Dave Foley), going the route of teen-comedies and following behind it is ZOOM'S ACADEMY (featuring the lame-ass Tim Allen). But here are two that were a bit of a surprise to me when they were recently announced. Mixing the super-hero genre with the ROMANTIC element with SUPER EX, starring Uma Thurman as a super-heroine who seeks revenge on Luke Wilson, the "normal" guy that dumps her because of her baggage and not her powers. Followed by TONIGHT HE COMES, starring Will Smith as a super-hero dating a normal woman. Who knows which of those will actually pan out, but my hope is for Super Ex, if only for the reason that I can see Uma in yet another skin-tight outfit. Keep 'em comin'!!


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