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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Don't Annoy me.

Don't Annoy me.
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I have dealt with many difficult people in my life. And by difficult I mean needy, bi-polar, living baggage. Now, because of this, these days I have an amazing level of patience when it comes to individuals that feel the need to test that level. Being the sensible, level-headed individual that I am (and no longer accepting this kind of nonsense into my world), I find myself calmly and reasonably asking said patience-tester to please halt their infantile behavior. When that doesn't work, I politely offer a clear threat to their person/belongings that might encourage them to cease and desist. When my threat is not heeded, then I must follow through. I am a man of my word and to do anything less would be uncivilized. Let's hope Jeff learned his lesson. (side note: Dried Red Bull & Vodka will make a dress tie stand straight up on it's own.)


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