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Monday, March 28, 2005


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This show's second season finale creeped me the hell out. Like "Bob-crawling-through-the-window" creeped out. After season one, I was totally engrossed in a dirty, "Grapes of Wrath"-esque Twin Peaks tale. It had interesting characters, weird arcs and bizarre images. Now, unlike Twin Peaks, each image MEANT something. And last night's finale left me more than satisfied. You know why? Because unlike OTHER shows with wide arcs (LOST) and shows that ignore 1/2 of the arcs (Twin Peaks Season 2), Carnivale WRAPPED THEM ALL UP in a way that no way felt rushed or contrived. And the tragedy was handled with such simplicity that when the credits ran, you couldn't help but feel bad for these people. And the journey is not over yet. Give us a Season Three, people!!!


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