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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Stupid Words

The other day I was admiring my friend's handy Autobot-Transformer BBQ/cooler wagon thing and it had a "Thermos" logo on it. I swear I never knew that Thermos was actually a brand name. What the hell do they call the other, uh, liquid cooler-keeper-hotter containers? I'm sure it's something fancy (addendum: they are known as a vacuum flask or a dewar. Both of which makes me think of an alcoholic or Whisky). Like when I was assembling a cabinet at my folks the other day, after all of the hard work was done, the final touch was adding the "pressure applied adhesive screw covers". To which I held up a sheet of white stickers and simply shook my head. That being said, there's only ONE TiVo. The other "Digital Video Recorders" are crap.


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