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Sunday, March 27, 2005

With a Rebel Yell!

With a Rebel Yell!
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I hit the concert circle late in life and have had a pretty extensive checklist of bands that I HAD to see before I died. Well, before THEY died, at least. Seems to happen more on their side. By which I got screwed out of Nirvana by 3 months and Alice in Chains (though I did get to see Mad Season a few times, so it was almost good enough). Anyway, I digress. After working in the concert industry for over 3 years, I saw pretty much anyone worth seeing. And, unfortunately, several NOT worth seeing. You know who you are Backstreet Boys. And NO, NO ONE wants you to "come back". That's just creepy. Let's move on. Last year I FINALLY got to see Duran Duran, which only left one man on that list. Billy *#$@! Idol. And Saturday night that was checked off the list in all of the sweat and glory that is Billy. Sweet. Now that that's done, I guess I should try and find a new hobby....


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