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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tired & Stressed

Being an adult is exhausting. To give you an idea how exhausting, I've actually been sleeping til 8-8:30 this week. Which I NEVER do. Even in my worst shape, like up til 4AM, still awake at 7 or 7:30. And last week I had a physical on Tuesday and a dentist appointment Thursday. In between, my blood pressure went from 110/70 to 130/80. That's the kind of week it was.

Life Insurance, earthquake insurance, house foundation contractors, all sorts of lame shenanigans you don't have to deal with as a kid. I really just wanted to dig out a box of G.I. Joe's and go play in the backyard. Instead I spent it cleaning up my crashed hard drive, and while therapeutic, it took 10 hours on Saturday. And another 3-4 on Sunday. I got in a few hours on Army of Two last night for the Xbox, which is pretty sweet! I've been cheating with the walkthrough so I don't miss things or waste time wandering around, which should make replay go real quick and more for the fun shoot-em up like i do with Medal of Honor Airborne. There's no time limit and you don't need health pads, so you can just hide behind things and mess 'em up for fun.

I want bigger guns though.


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