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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

North Hollywood Shootout!

North Hollywood Shootout!, originally uploaded by macslost.

So when we hopped in the cab to go to London this morning, the cab driver told us that my bank (Bank of America on Laurel & Kittridge) was the one from the infamous North Hollywood Shootout. Basically, 2 bodybuilders built head-to-toe body armor out of kevlar, packed on the ammo & machine guns and dueled it out with about 60 cops in a bank parking lot.

Look at the map! The red X is our house! They killed the 2nd robber right behind our house!

Now, I'd seen the TV movie '44 Minutes' with Michael Madsen, Ron Livingston & Mario Van Peebles some time ago, but forgot all about it. I'll have to watch it again, now!

Anyway, when we got here, I decided to look it up, and, lo & behold, it happened exactly 10 years ago today. Feb 28, 1997.




Blogger A James said...

Now you know why you got such a steal on your house. I guess "massive gun battle" isn't a big selling point.

12:38 PM


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