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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

After 2 weeks, it emerges from it's lair...


After I left for Vegas I got sick and then went into a 10-day forced vacation (had too many stockpiled, not a bad problem to have). During which I did...absolutely nothing. Not even blog. Obviously.

No, seriously. I did nothing. Well, I finished The Adventures of Kavalier & Clay (which if you haven't read, you should, it's fantastic), played Call of Duty 2, Destroy All Humans, Red Faction 2 and Black, watch some DVDs (real crappy ones like The Cavern), TV like Deadwood, Dead Zone, Blade and 4400 (seriously, though, Blade is actually pretty good. surprisingly) and dinked around online. But not blogging.

Well I'm back! All reguvenated and shit. Excercising, party-planning, working on our trip to Australia and some secret work plans which involved some crossed fingers (so if you could cross yours as well, I'd appreciate it)

Anyway! On with the blogging! I'll probably fill this page UP!


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