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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sex And Death 101

Sex And Death 101
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There's a new movie in the works called Sex And Death 101.

The story follows a man (Simon Baker) whose life is upended by a mysterious e-mail containing the 101 names of every woman he has had sex with and, eerily, every woman he will have sex with in the future. He is stopped in his tracks when he meets a femme fatale (Winona Ryder, but the photo to the right is from A Scanner Darkly, so don't get confused) who targets men guilty of sex crimes against women.

Sounds kinda cool, right? Maybe a little Gondry/Jonze-ish?

Then I read an interview with the director:

"The way that the script originally ended is Winona Ryder's character talks about her backstory, and it was her abusive husband screaming at her on the phone at his job, and he was a trader at the World Trade Center, and, like, the plane comes and blows it up. So she thinks like September 11th was like this great cataclysmic cleansing experience, and after that she decides to become a serial killer."

Fortunately, that joke didn't make it into production, he said. "It certainly did not," he said, adding: "Note to all writers out there: Always put a September 11th third act, so you have something to change to make the producers happy. Like, 'OK, I guess I'll change the September 11th third act, but you have to let me have the attempted necrophilia scene.'" (from Sci-Fi.com)

I laughed and laughed and then saw that the guy was Daniel Waters, who wrote Heathers.

Hell. Yes.

(Note: He also wrote Hudson Hawk, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, Batman Returns and Demolition Man. Which in my book is even BETTER, cuz those movies make me LAUGH.)


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