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Monday, June 05, 2006

Marvel's Secret Wars!!!

Originally uploaded by macslost.
The latest to be added to the live action mix!!! See Spidey in the black costume here first! No, no, not like in Spider-Man 3, but in SPACE where he actually found it! (Due to budgetary issues, 'space' was replaced with a park in Culver City)

Truly, a sight to be hold.

DAMN. It's too beautiful for words. Forget Transformers, stretch this out a little, add some CGI and get it in theaters!

Thanks to Jeff at Evil Marketing who found the thing.


Blogger robot said...

That is completely RAD.
If they ever get together and do the Xmen's Dark Pheonix Saga, then I'd like to join them as Dazzler.

6:28 PM


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