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Thursday, December 08, 2005

L.A. Stories

L.A. Stories
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If you are a fan of things that are cool (and I know you are, otherswise you would be asked to leave) then you should be familiar with Artz and Hooper X. If you DON'T know who they are, well, Artz was a teacher on LOST that got blowed up and Hooper X was the writer of the 'White Hatin' Coon' comic in CHASING AMY. Anyway. I was driving through the Target parking lot the other day and almost got Artz on me when he walked out in front of my car. So that was prety sweet. Wanna know what's sweeter? Hooper X is a host at the Arclight Cinemas restaurant. He seats people there. What's even more awesome? Having Kevin Smith talk to him when he came to the theater for a SIN CITY event we hosted. Damn.


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