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Friday, November 25, 2005

3 week hiatus ends

3 week hiatus ends
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The house is done (for now). The blog has been deficient of late, but due to some increasing work issues and the last-minute scramble to finish the house in time for the housewarming party, all blog posts kind of got stored up and bumped to today, the BIGGEST SHOPPING DAY OF THE YEEEEAAAAAARRRR!!!! Or a day to spend online and go to the movies, if you're me. Though I do plan on getting out and taking some photos of the wildlife. The real crazies will have returned to their caves with their loot by the time I go out, but there'll be some real nutbags left, I'm sure. And I'm in Phoenix, so the weird factor increases somewhat exponentially over the LA crowd. But I digress; the house is done. A photo album online is in the works.


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