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Monday, November 08, 2004

Grand Theft Widow

Grand Theft Widow
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I love my PS2. More than my X-Box. Sure, you snicker and think I'm an idiot, but I have 2 very good reasons for it. #1 - I'm a cheater. An unrepentant one at that. I broke enough Atari and Commodore controllers in the 80's to confidently say that I have a short temper when it comes to repeating the same level over and over again. Probably why I hate doing the dishes, too. Anyway, There's no cheat codes for X-Box and I hate them for it. #2 - Grand Theft Auto. I picked my game up the day it came out, punched in my cheat codes and began beating up crack dealers, wasting cops, gang bangers, shoppers, whoever, really. Then I thought it got really cool when I found out I could swim. And tag neighborhoods. And start gangwars. And burn pot fields and get tattoos and shoot 2 Mac-10s at once. Sweet. Then I found out I could actually fly between cities at the airport so I wouldn't have to drive so damn far. Way cool. But the craziest addition? I can base-jump. There are parachutes all over the game's highest points and I can actually sky-dive. From cliffs, buildings, planes, whatever. Needless to say, this game sucked up about 18 hours of my weekend. And it was glorious. My fiancee doesn't share my enthusiasm. I think she's jealous.


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