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Saturday, August 01, 2009

7 Days of G.I. Joe: Day 1

I got to see the GI Joe movie this week. After all the bad buzz ever since the trailer was shown, I'll admit my expectations were looooow. And a few months ago I had to read the 6-page scriptment of the movie and it spoiled the whole thing from beginning to end. They mess with a lot of relationship/backstory of some of the main characters (Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow is mostly intact, though), which is the most annoying thing about the movie. But to be honest, they did the exact same thing with the X-Men movies, so I'm not THAT bent out of shape.

All that aside, I actually enjoyed the movie. A lot. It's big, loud, incredibly ridiculous, basically it was a live action cartoon. Walking out, you feel like you are 10 years old again and all you want to do is go outside and set up a massive battlefield. In fact, the the only real cringe-inducing moments in the movie (after you've let go and are enjoying the cartooniness) are the awkward 'love' scenes. Eww! Girls are gross! This movie may very well have been written after watching a battle unfold in Steven Sommers backyard. You never know.

Surprisingly, a LOT of heads are blown up in the movie. I can distinctly remember about a half dozen tops being popped off.

Anyway, I'l get into minor specifics of the movie throughout the week (w/out spoiling) and hopefully maintain your own low/cartoon expectations so you can enjoy the movie in it's fullest.

And on that note, today I present to you the Top 5 WORST GI Joe vehicles/accessories that make no sense.

And yes, the Yeti Net is one of them.




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