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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Boy, you'll be a Trekkie sooooooon...

OK, so I've seen all of the Star Trek movies, enjoyed 1/2 of them, watched most of the TV shows but I would never call myself a Trekkie. I know the characters names, but only their last name, with the exception of James T. Kirk. I could care less what Sulu's first name is. Even more so, with the exception of Patrick Stewart and Scott Bakula, I never even cared for any of the actors on the shows outside of the Enterprise. OK, I'll give George Takei a pass for Heroes, but that's about it.

Point being, with JJ Abrams helming the Star Trek: The High School Years flick, I can damn near say that with a cast like THIS?! I will most likely be sporting pointy ears very soon.

Trek montage.jpg

Oh, NERO is the villain.

Time to beam up an ass-whoopin'.


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