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Friday, July 06, 2007

This? Is a nerd post. Feel free to skip.

OK, I saw this and it just made me laugh.

The big thing these days seems to be killing off comic book characters. Which I'm all for. Not enough people have died in comics over the years. And seriously, they always come back. besides, most of them can easily be replaced by someone picking up the mantle and that makes it even more interesting.

Anyway, the whole Sabretooth vs. Wolverine thing has gone on forever, but apparently Sabretooth is about to bite it big time. I guess there's a sword that neutralizes his healing factor.

I'm only posting this because this page from the comic is some good slapstick:


(if you can't tell what's happening, Wolverine cuts of Sabretooth's arm, Sabertooth shrugs, picks it back up and reattaches it and....it falls off again...and again. Sabretooth is confused.)


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