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Friday, March 16, 2007


X-Box LIVE!, originally uploaded by macslost.

Sounds like a musical!

But it's not, thank god.

I am all hooked up and ready to go! I almost cried when the voice chat wouldn't work and I had to call X-Box support. They told me there was a firewall port issue and I had to call Netgear. Which led to a nice fellow in India who "approved it with his supervisor" to help me out for free AND he fixed my video iChat problem that has been making me cry for months! WHOOOOOOOO!!!

So now I've been getting my ass kicked mercilessly on some bridge in Battlefield 2. I swear to god, each time I play I die faster and faster. last night I just started shooting my own men out of boredom from getting my ass kicked so badly.

ANYWAY! Gamertag: macslost

And now I have to try and juggle my work-time vs. play-time. Which will inevitably be rough.

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