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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Look, Ma! No Pictures!

Well that's a first for me, folks. I use and abuse my Flickr account for every post I've ever done. And, well, it seems unnecessary sometimes. OK, most time. Usually I do it for my own amusement (which is what the whole point it anyway) but I feel like maybe I could start NOT having some sort of entertainment post all the damn time.

So...uh...how about that weather?

No, seriously, I was walking Frick & Frack (Captain Awesome & Miss Moneypenny for the uninitiated) and it is DAMN nice outside and it has that Spring smell. See, doing the damn G.I. Joe casting reminded me of how much making battle scenes was all I wanted to be doing outside back when I was little. And the weather today made me want to hook up a Slip 'n' Slide and eat bologna sandwiches on white bread and potato chips. Best if the chips are IN the sandwich.

See, now I'm thinking about Googling a picture of a sandwich and potato chips...

Dammit. I'm weak.


And now I'm obligated to put in the Slip 'n' Slide...


Ugh! No will power. Just none.

OK, I gotta go buy an X-Box 360 and pick up the new Buffy comic now..

No! I will NOT Google an X-Box picture!


Stop it!

Compromise! I can post one when I get it and that's a whole new post.

OK. Cool. We're good.


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