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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Will Farrell + Queen Latifah =

Will Farrell + Queen Latifah =
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With the last batch of sadly-un-aborted projects these two have been spewing out, getting excited about something either of them are attached too is asking quite a lot. (though I hear Talladega Nights is excellent). But when you actually put them in something INTERESTING, and not crotch-kicking/weave-pulling/yuk-yuk cretinous trash, you may see something amazing. Plus, when you add the likes of Emma Thomson, Dustin Hoffman and Maggie Gyllenhaal, you can pretty much guarantee it. Check this out.

If you thought this summer was pretty entertaining, wait til September-November rock your face off. (oddly, December is really only sporting about 3 flicks of interest at the moment.)


Blogger SemantemeDev said...

That actually looks good. Reminds me of Adaptation, which I liked.

4:10 PM


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