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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Superman Returns...er...Returned, I guess

Superman Returns
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You'll have to excuse my slapshod compilation of random bloggings here. I keep a running list of things I want to blog, and then as time passes, I move things around that are timely in nature and leave older things behind. (notice I still haven't done a Vegas recap, no worries, it's on the way. promise) Point: Superman Returns is old news, but here's my 2, no, 3 cents on it:

Cent #1 - Kate Bosworth, you are a lame, lame, lame Lois Lane. You shouldn't even have used her name, you were so not Lois Lane.

Cent #2 - Lex Luthor and his "Technology" (pictured here). Um, seeing as all of his ranting about technology ultimately resulted in growing a crystal island (and last I checked, you can buy little crystal farms at Rite-Aid), it left something to be desired.

Cent #3 - This is petty, but why waste Kal Penn's comedic ability as a henchman that does nothing but stare at things? Tara Reid could have done that.

Everything else was super sweet, kick-ass, and I can't WAIT for the DVD, and I was REALLY impressed with James Marsden's character. So it still gets a thumbs up in my book, it's just these few glaring little middle fingers that were a tad annoying.


My Pirates 2 recap!

It's a fun, fun, fun movie with great action and effects. It was a little TOO gag-heavy, though. Almost to the point of C3-PO in the 'Clones' flick where the robot heads get switched and it's 'funny'. You know what I mean. Those jokes that are SO contrived for humor's sake that they aren't funny? There were some in P2, but the jokes AROUND the gag were still funny, so it was forgiveable. Plus, the ENTIRE movie was just a set up for P3, so nothing at all gets resolved.


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