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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


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After a year of talking about how Battlestar Galactica is better than Lost and one of the best written shows on TV next to Veronica Mars, I was finally able to prove it. Dinah consented to watch the mini series, after which I immediately put in episode 1 of the series, titled "33", as the ships must jump every 33 minutes or the Cylons will catch them. The episode starts on Day 3, after everyone has been awake for 3 days trying to escape. Harsh. Yes, it's that good. Needless to say, it took us 2 days but we got all caught up through last week's awesome episode. And she loved it. Like there was any doubt.

On a side note, 2 weeks ago TiVo & Adelphia were messing with me and I MISSED the 1st Battlestar episode of the new run! I was PISSED. So I called up my super-computer friends and asked about downloading the show from secret online servers and all that. I got 2 great answers. One actually WAS a detailed account on how to find shows on servers online. The second? Buy it from itunes. I can do that? Yes. Yes I can. $2. Sweet. And then I plugged my iBook into the widescreen TV and was actually able to watch it in 47" glory. Wow. Handy little thing, that.


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