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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Razzies

The Razzies are here!

This is proof that in L.A., you can literally do whatever you want and have people notice at some point or another. I just got notice to renew my 'membership' this year and it reminded me that I don't think I ever posted about my experience back in 2007...

I got all excited when I registered and went two years ago. I had been reading and enjoying the Razzies (Hollywood's 'worst' awards) for YEARS before moving to L.A. I had always wanted to go, thinking it would be a grand time had by all.

So we went. And hot damn did it SUCK. They made people wait forever in line and when we got in? Popcorn. Nothing else. No cash bar, nothing. Just a crappy theater. OK, so at least there's a screen, right? If by 'screen', you mean big-screen TV, then yes.

Was it at least funny?

God, NO. Imagine a bunch of 40-something balding nerds doing skits in their moms basement. That's what it was. And what really sucked is that the nearest bar was 2 blocks away, so being drunk for it wasn't even an option. And I'll tell you, tickets weren't cheap. Which means all of the money went into this theater rental. And it was half-full. And judging from the movies that get nominated and win, these people don't even SEE everything, so when Gigli won for worst film one year, clearly no one saw any of Uwe Boll's high-profile shit-fests that year. Basically the winners of these are just talk-backers that don't watch everything, they just hate on things they think they shouldn't like and those win.

I guarantee you that our Oscar parties are a billion times better in both production and entertainment, hands down. I am pretty sure that the people who run the Razzies actually work in things like shoe-sales and restaurant service, as they have no idea how to actually host an event.

So, so bad.


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