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Thursday, July 03, 2008

WALL-E? Awesome. America? Not so much

WALL-E is a GREAT flick. They have visually outdone themselves this time around, as Pixar brought in cinematographer legend Roger Deakins to teach the animators about scope & range and hot DAMN do they deliver. For a movie with very little dialogue, it's a fantastic story. I really can't wait to see what they do with live-action. But I digress.

The only sad thing about seeing WALL-E? The damn audience we saw it with. Did they make noise? No. Well, not beyond all the giggles, sighs and laughs that everyone did. No, what they did was watch a movie, with lots and lots of pretty pictures and no words, spell out in GREAT detail how mankind ruined the planet with all their trash and had to leave for space while robots cleaned it up. They watched this, and then left EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE PIECE OF TRASH THEY COULD behind in the theater. I mean it was PILED everywhere. All over the floor, in the seats, everywhere and all of these dumbass parents with their kids just kicked it over, stepped on it and walked out talking about how cute the movie was. Oh, the other awesome part was that during the credits there are awesome painted stills and animation that continue the story and people are walking out muttering to themselves about how much they hate credits and can't understand why people wait through them.

I hate WAL-Merica. I've ranted before how awesome Idiocracy is, and here's my simple comparison. They didn't get that one, either.



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