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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Flashback: 1990

I had a very odd week last week. Working in PR, we tend to do some work with film talent on a fairly regular basis, be it stars, directors, producers, etc. and I don't usually geek out too much as I've been in and around it for close to 10 years now. Last week was a bizarre one though. I had interviews set up with the following individuals:



Mädchen Amick, John Ratzenberger and Victoria Jackson. Now, aside from Mädchen (who I've had a crush on since she first served a slice of cherry pie in Twin Peaks) I wouldn't have necessarily included the other two on my "must-meet" list, but together, it made this weird combination from the peak of their careers. It was 1990, I was in High School and part of my weekly primetime ritual was Twin Peaks, Saturday Night Live and Cheers (on the dying end of that one, as it was a family tradition for quite some time).

17 years ago, bumbling through a miserable 4 years of what was to the be revelation that school was NOT for me, who would of thought I would be talking to/working with the same people I was watching on TV?! So odd, indeed. All 3 were total sweethearts, of course.


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